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In a fast-changing world where the value of information is increased by the possibility of sharing it, the highest level of clinical data management has to be offered to meet today’s medical needs.

The worldwide medical imaging community has entered a new era of communication opportunities. These developments enable imaging professionals to reach diagnoses more effectively and efficiently, which in turn can raise the level of overall healthcare provided.
From the very beginning of IT diffusion in the medical environment, Esaote has been recognized as a world leader in IT Solutions providing a solid contribution to the revolution that is bringing the medical world to an unexpected level of efficiency.
Complete and integrated management of US images and clips, possibility of archiving data on media, exporting multimedia files, in standard Windows® and DICOM format (available on network folder, CD, USB memory devices), automatically sending to PACS are just a few opportunities Esaote can offer.


Review and complete examinations offline. Anytime

MyLab™Desk is a complete, modular suite of digital tools designed to display, share, review and process ultrasound images. Interpreted by an experienced professional, images and quantifications offer support with the diagnosis. An extensive measurements package, that includes optional tools and features such as XStrain™, AutoEF, Obstetric Automatic Measures and Advanced Elastography, simplifies the workflow and allows to report the examination directly from the computer.
MyLab™Desk is your intelligent workstation:

  • Easy to Use 
  • Easy Access 
  • Multi Connection 
  • Multi View

MyLab™Desk is a Medical Device Software designed to import still frames, videos and reports from the MyLab™ ultrasound platform devices.

MyLab™Desk and MyLab™Share

Collaborate in real time with experts. Anywhere

MyLab™Share is an Android® app designed to connect the eStreaming feature integrated in Esaote’s ultrasound systems to remote experts for real-time image sharing. MyLab™Share establishes the communication channel, eStreaming transfers scanning images to a PC or mobile for remote collaboration, education and training purposes. This allows the care team to receive support from healthcare experts through a remote peer-to-peer collaboration*.
MyLab™Share is your bridge to the world:

  • Quick Sharing 
  • Video Streaming & Instant Image 
  • Transmission Security 
  • Access Control

MyLab™Share is a mobile application intended to be used with an Esaote MyLab™ equipment with eStreaming capability.
* Images reviewed from remote devices are not to be intended for diagnostic purposes. 



Follow the link to consult the DICOM Conformance Statements (DCS) and the IHE Integration Statements in PDF (Portable Document Format) version.


Suitestensa RIS CVIS PACS

EBIT offers the most complete Healthcare IT systems for the workflow management of the Radiology and Cardiology diagnostic process in the widest enterprise IT networks, implementing Structured Report, 3D/4D and Mobile technologies.

MyLab™Share is not a Medical Device Software and it is not intended for diagnostic purposes. Android® is a registered trademark of Google. MyLab is a trademark of Esaote spa. Technology and features are system/configuration dependent. Specifications subject to change without notice. Information might refer to products or modalities not yet approved in all countries. Product images are for illustrative purposes only. For further details, please contact your Esaote sales representative.

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