With our advanced Applications, we offer innovative tools that give additional information with respect to a standard exam improving overall diagnostic capabilities. Discover our applications Q-Spine, and True Motion.



True-Motion can be beneficial for imaging pathologies that are position or movement related and is as simple as performing a regular MRI sequence adding only a few minutes to a standard exam.

  • Add extra value with the possibility of visualizing the joint in real-time movement. An added value for post-operative evaluation.
  • See the unseen: For some pathologies, moving the joint might make the difference.
  • Boost in sports medicine: A tool to meet the specific needs of athletes, for diagnosis without compromise.


Q-Spine is a support tool for the Visualization and Quantification of relative biomechanical modifications comparing Weight-Bearing and supine MRI spine examinations using Fast Spin Echo T2 acquisitions.

  • Facilitates and simplifies the analysis of WB versus recumbent MRI by semiautomatic segmentation of the Lumbar-spine.
  • Gives a numerical quantification of the relative changes.
  • Reliable and coherent measurements by taking out the “human factor”.
  • Enhance patient follow-up with numerical evidence.
  • Improved confidence in surgery planning and diagnosis of the spine.

Computer assisted calculation of the following parameters

Computer assisted calculation of the following parameters

  • Vertebral wedging
  • Intervertebral Translation
  • Spinal canal section
  • Foramen area
  • Intervertebral Angles
  • Spine curvature
  • Spinal canal thickness
  • Listhesis Index
  • Vertebral collapse
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