Imaging Solutions for Sports Medicine

MRI and Ultrasound imaging solutions for sports medicine play an important role in the overall evaluation of the athlete regarding identification of the risk of re-injury and cardio performance evaluation and monitoring.


Sport is a widespread activity among increasingly wider population and age groups. It represents an element of personal fulfillment, sociability, psychophysical well-being and also an important factor in medical prevention. However, practicing sports is inevitably linked to the risk of injuries.

6.2 million people

require hospital treatment for sports injuries every year in Europe

42% of all sports injuries

treated in hospital are team ball sports related

ankle, knee, shoulder

are the most frequently injured body part

The diagnostic aspect is important not only to correctly plan the treatment path after an injury has occurred, but also before starting physical activity, to promptly identify or prevent cardiac and musculoskeletal problems.

For patients, it is about facing without worries a sport or the recovery process from an injury, which can sometimes be very long. Doctors, on the other hand, are called upon to deal with a large quantity and variety of cases (different parts of the body, different characteristics and ages of patients), to conduct examinations in various places and in some cases with patients on the move, and finally, sometimes, to examine patients with metal prostheses.

Esaote's advanced solutions guarantee clear and precise information, minimizing the risk of heart failure for all patients, especially children, during intensive sports sessions. Thanks to the quality of Esaote devices, patients can prevent severe injuries by identifying micro-lesions and, in the event of an injury, recover full efficiency to return to sports practice in optimal conditions.

For their part, sports medicine doctors benefit from MRI machines that can be installed in small spaces with an open system, with low noise and great accessibility for all patients. Furthermore, Esaote's ability to design high-frequency probes, combined with the clarity of the follow-up of inflammation and musculoskeletal trauma and a dedicated visit management computer system, helps health professionals make the most correct decisions and provide accurate and complete diagnoses in all settings and to all patients.

Sport Medicine solutions

Musculoskeletal US

Ultrasound is most commonly used in the assessment of soft tissue disease, for the detection of fluid collection, and also to visualize cartilage and bone surfaces.

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Musculoskeletal MRI

Open low-field MRI technology completely revolutionized musculoskeletal examinations by offering precise imaging and comfortable patient experience.

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Weight-bearing MRI can be a useful tool to reproduce and study joints in orthostatic position and find underlying pathologies that are difficult to assess with supine MRI.

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Sport Medicine MRI

MRI has been recognized as the gold standard for precise diagnosis and prognosis of athletic injuries, facilitating effective treatment and recovery time.

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Imaging Solutions for Sports Medicine

Sport Medicine educational videos

In these videos, you will have the opportunity to learn from experts who have made significant contributions to the field of sport medicine. They will share their experiences, insights, and expertise, providing you with valuable knowledge you can apply in your practice.

Esaote solutions for Sport Medicine


Our ultrasound systems cover multiple clinical applications, supporting medical science, contributing to a better future for everyone

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Magnetic Resonance

We work every day to provide the most advanced MRI systems, technologies, and solutions for you to excel in patient care.

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Healthcare IT

Our Healthcare IT solutions for the workflow management of the diagnostic process in the widest enterprise IT networks are designed to improve sensitivity in diagnosis. 

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