Magnetic Resonance - Clinical Applications

Over two decades, we have continued to maintain our leadership position in the Dedicated MRI segment because our products are focused on satisfying specific requirements that have not been met by the other imaging companies. Research and development activities are strongly driven by customer needs and by working very closely with users and clients: this is why we are able to respond to new market demands and expectations.

We have constantly expanded our product portfolio - developing dedicated systems for spine and joint imaging, as well as unique technologies, such as the tilting MR which enables clinicians to conduct weight-bearing MR studies of the anatomy. We have also introduced a new open total body MRI: the latest MRI technology for uncompromised diagnostic quality, combined with a permanent magnet that guarantees low operating costs.

What are the benefits of dedicated MRI with respect to conventional whole body MRI systems? Esaote’s Dedicated MRI systems boast unique technical features that target specific applications, are equipped with dedicated coils and customized software, have an open design and optimal ergonomics which maximize patient comfort and eliminate unpleasant claustrophobic reactions. Esaote MRI systems require limited installation space, and feature much lower installation and maintenance costs.

Esaote MRI systems and their dedicated technology produce  stunning high-quality images. Thanks to a combination of dedicated MSK sequences, advanced RF coils, advanced computing technology and algorithms and optimized magnet homogeneity, Esaote MRI systems deliver high resolution MSK images with good acquisition times. Esaote MRI systems are suitable for any  clinical environment ranging from Radiology departments in large hospitals, orthopedic and sports medicine centers to specialized rheumatology centers.


Open low-field MRI technology completely revolutionized musculoskeletal examinations by offering precise imaging and comfortable patient experience.

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Neuroimaging MRI provides useful clinical information on a variety of neurological and TBI conditions.

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Weight-bearing MRI can be a useful tool to reproduce and study joints in the orthostatic position and find underlying pathologies that are difficult to assess with supine MRI.

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Sports Medicine

MRI has been recognized as the gold standard for precise diagnosis and prognosis of athletic injuries, facilitating effective treatment and recovery time.

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The detailed visualization capabilities of MRI provide a comprehensive view of joints, tendons, ligaments, and soft tissues.

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