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Esaote's identity stems from having maintained coherence despite the dynamic alternation of relationships, experiences, ideas, but above all from the decisions of its stakeholders and the active gaze of those who collaborate with us from the outside world. Our brand has never been disconnected from the product: it has only taken its characteristic key concepts beyond the product, transferring them to services, partnership style, research, and governance projects. 

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Strengthening our identity helps us to stay united and aligned, to simplify relationships in our rich internal environment, to engage and motivate those who work with us, and attract to top talent. It also helps us to build our reputation and differentiate ourselves in the international market. Our identity is a shared heritage that is reflected simultaneously in market successes and in the well-being at work of those who find themselves partly represented in the brand and its communications.

After 40 years of growth in people's minds as a benchmark in terms of reliability and creativity of solutions, we now wish to focus even more attention on the experience of prevention and treatment, so that our products and services can act as portals to access and connect our constituent stages. To do so, we decided to demonstrate something more than our idea of care, that runs through our research and production processes, and that manifests itself in the relationships between people who come together on a daily basis to increase the credibility of the Esaote name. We can now do it because we have worked with concentration and dedication in the past. Our presence on the international scene is the natural evolution of an identity that is growing and where the aim is to open up more and more to new markets, to absorb new stimuli and propose its solutions. 

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