Technological innovation: its role in society

We design devices that can translate the complex, intimate language of the body into clear and precise information. We are part of what has become known as the social economy, and each of our innovations in terms of hardware, firmware and software has a very concrete impact on the quality of individual and collective health

In a society where life expectancy is increasingly longer, more and more attention is being paid to ensuring the quality of experience at all ages, by attaching greater importance to prevention. Every piece of technology is a social innovation, because it develops platforms that regulate communication and the resulting relationships.

Esaote, technological innovation

Our goal: positive social innovation

Since it was founded, Esaote has focused on the development of products and solutions for non-invasive diagnostics, which reduce inconvenience for patients and costs for the healthcare system. 

These days, the reshaping of health-related care and the challenges posed by artificial intelligence require even greater responsibility and care in the impetus to innovate, because every decision made in the laboratory under controlled conditions must be implemented in complex contexts, which touch on people's concrete life experience. The great commitment of our teams is oriented towards tiptoeing into people's health journey to make their experience less cumbersome and more straightforward.

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