Experience in research to develop technologies in close proximity to people

Our research connects a range of disciplines: physics, physiology, medicine, engineering and chemistry, computer science, mathematics. In addition, the consideration that must be made of the accessibility of the technologies our work results in, which must be capable of reaching everyone, everywhere.
We study nature to imitate it, responding to the need to sharpen the human senses and the profound communication that must exist between people who have chosen to work in healthcare and those involved in a process of prevention and treatment.

Esaote, experience in research to develop technologies in close proximity to people

The more knowledge of the human body given to us by science, the more we can find tools that provide precise attention to detail, without neglecting the complex aesthetics that allow the body to function harmoniously. Our role is to bridge the gap between the insights of science and the needs of people, who must feel at ease with the items they come into contact with, keeping in mind their perceptions and sensations. The Research & Development team are therefore in constant dialog with our market experts, and with the medical/scientific community.

Our industry is constantly evolving, and so is our role in supporting and integrating the human experience into its health processes.
To keep up with changing and increasing needs, we have always dedicated considerable resources to Research & Development, to which we commit 20% of our people and up to 12% of our revenues.


Our R&D takes place at the Genoa, Florence and Maastricht sites, where electronic engineers, physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists work on hardware, software and electronics design, mechanics, prototype development, and experimental clinical technology.
The goal of using materials with low environmental impact and possible solutions to reuse components is constantly taken into consideration.


We have always considered protection of intellectual property as a strategic factor, as the fulcrum of innovation.
We hold approximately 300 patents, a number that is rising consistently.

  • Magnetic resonance imaging. Our patents cover the main aspects of technology related to dedicated permanent magnet MRI, such as magnetic structures, coils, patient carriers, magnet shimming, and electromagnetic shielding.
  • Ultrasound. Our patents mainly cover advanced signal processing technologies identified, for example, by the trade names CnTI, QElaxto, Shear Waves, XStrain, Virtual Navigator, as well as state-of-the-art probes.

Funded projects

The three R&D departments – dealing with ultrasound, MRI, and medical IT respectively – participate in funded research projects, often individually but sometimes jointly.


  • MyLab 4.0 Project, Generation of an integrated digital service facility for echo-guided radiology diagnostics and interventional procedures.
  • MEDIA Project, High efficiency Diagnostic Methods for the osteoarticular patient: Dedicated MRI for non-invasive pre- and postoperative imaging in prosthetic implantation and integrated systems to aid clinical/diagnostic data management.
  • A-PROMISE Project, Automation of Manufacturing Processes of Ultrasound Probes.
  • UTMOST Project, New Imaging methodologies and techniques for the diagnosis, evaluation and management of Sarcopenia in normal and pathological conditions.
  • PROMENAIDE Project, Prognostic Maintenance servitization of Medical Equipment using AI, DLT and Edge computing.


  • IMAGINIS, Non-invasive Imaging for Territorial Healthcare.
  • RAISE Spoke2, Smart Devices and Technologies for Personal and Remote Healthcare.
  • THE Spoke2, Tuscany Health Ecosystem.
  • Nephele, A lightweight software stack and synergetic meta-orchestration framework for the next generation compute continuum.
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