We grow together with people

We strongly focus on the growth of the people who work with us and on the acquisition of new talents who can enrich us with their expertise and perspectives, in line with our values.

Our people strategy includes training and welfare support. We then turn to the outside world, to those who could join us, with efficient and impartial selection policies, and activities that make our brand increasingly attractive.

Esaote, We grow together with people
Esaote, Dedicated training

Dedicated training

All our people receive training through ad-hoc courses on hard and soft skills. We identify the topics for training by consulting all company departments on an annual basis, alongside yearly skills evaluation in all professional profiles.

We aim to bring in the best talent

To improve our selection process, we work with schools and training providers. We use digital questionnaires and psychological aptitude tests for key positions, and have redefined our communication register with a search and selection strategy that includes new online steps. A digital on-boarding process is in place to increase proximity to the new generations.

Esaote, Remuneration packages

Remuneration packages

For us, valuing human resources also means the updating of remuneration policies, involving the entire workforce: we take into consideration various criteria, such as market benchmark, position grading, individual and group performance, fixed and variable remuneration.

Our human resources planning

Human resources development also involves training projects, to identify and enhance talents.

  • E-Generation Academy
    A genuine academy for talented young graduates in the STEM subjects (sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics), which was launched in 2021 and ended in 2022. 
    Developed with various universities in Genoa and Tuscany, and made possible by collaboration with Synergie – a training and selection company, the project consisted of a series of training courses aimed at employing trainees at the company on a permanent basis.

  • Training Hub
    A platform for all the Group's legal entities, including a wide range of online courses, with a focus on soft skills. Not only a means of bridging gaps, but also a system to redesign career pathways according to a more open and agile logic, based on sharing, collection and analysis of data in real time, and on continuous feedback. Courtesy of the Training Hub, Esaote can leverage skills mapping for all its people, to ensure their professional development.

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