Every lifestyle deserves its own working style

Time spent at work has a major impact on people's well-being. Each of us must have the opportunity to integrate professional choices into a coherent plan for our lives. The people who work at Esaote must feel that their needs are understood and respected, which extends to contexts beyond the company.

Esaote, every lifestyle deserves its own working style

In addition to the economic independence offered by stable employment contracts, it is necessary to add services and opportunities that form a solid basis for a free lifestyle. We therefore study solutions that make us feel like a community while considering the choices of the individual, in a search for personalization of answers within a solid and reassuring context. Those who give us their time must feel that they are investing it in enrichment for themselves and for the people for whom they care.

Well-being and stability

We pay particular attention to the well-being and stability of our employees. As a result, approximately 96% of our workforce are on a full-time permanent contract.

We have implemented various initiatives that provide benefits and, in many cases, better conditions than those provided for by the regulations for the protection of workers in individual countries, including the National Collective Bargaining Agreement for Metalworkers in Italy. Our journey is intended to extend the most employee-friendly rules to different countries.

Agile working

Esaote aims to ensure a flexible and dynamic work environment, thus developing a work culture based on empowerment, autonomy and trust. It has therefore created a hybrid workspace that combines remote and in-person work, providing broad discretion to employees and their individual needs, always in compliance with company objectives, with a win-win perspective of sustainability.

This model also results in a significant reduction in fuel consumption related to travel, with consequent savings in money and time for employees and emissions for the community, in a virtuous economy in terms of social and environmental impact. The policy, in force since early 2022, concerns all Italian offices and all workers at offices and departments compatible with agile working.

Life at Esaote

A well-being program implemented by Esaote on an international scale, designed to give people from the Group's various offices around the world the opportunity to get in touch with each other and feel part of a large community. The platform provides the opportunity to share services, spaces and experiences, to improve our people’s social life.

As well as the option to organize a vacation by exchanging your home with a colleague or have your children participate in a voluntary language exchange with colleagues who can become a host family, this digital space shares courses, tips, articles, and other benefits.

Esaote Sustainability Reports

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