MRI Education

Within a system characterized by a never stopping transformation, we want to play a proactive role offering up-to-date MRI educational resources, training programs, and knowledge-sharing in MRI diagnostic imaging to support professional growth of clinical specialists and facilitate significant improvements in overall patient care.


MRI Education: Online Webinars, documentation and tutorials

The field of MR diagnostic imaging is constantly changing, with new emerging technologies, approaches and methodologies opening new horizons in our point-of-view towards diagnosis and patient care, highlighting the relevance of enhancing physicians' competences and expertise able to lift patients' experience and raise their quality of life to a higher level.

Our MRI educational resources represent the results of a long-lasting and continuous cooperation with our partners and scientific community, whose expertise, passion for research is now available as an engaging learning opportunity for you to elevate professional performances and achieve the most challenging clinical goals.

Musculoskeletal MRI

A comprehensive repository of Musculoskeletal MRI educational resources from Radiology to Orthopaedics and Rheumatology to provide clinicians a wide range of digital tools about latest developments in magnetic resonance imaging MSK applications.

Low-field MRI brain examination

Neuroimaging MRI

A selected listing of Neuroimaging MRI educational resources as a result of a continuous commitment shared with the network of our medical and scientific partners, our training offer include MRI online webinars, clinical documentation and tutorials.

G-scan Open weight-bearing MRI system

Weight-bearing MRI

We constantly expand our portfolio of Weight-bearing MRI educational resources with the purpose to offer radiologists a great opportunity of accessing "all in one place" training qualified materials to broaden diagnostic potentials and capabilities to improve patient treatment and outcome.

Sport Medicine MRI

Our dedicated collection of Sports Medicine MRI Educational resources is intended to provide practitioners with practical guidelines offering a complete portfolio of valuable contents to support background knowledge, practical techniques and professional skills.

Rheumatology MRI

Our selection of comprehensive Rheumatology MRI Educational resources entails a dedicated series of MRI Online Webinars, state-of-the-art documentation about diagnostic imaging in Rheumatology with deepenings of clinical and scientific topics, advanced technologies and engaging video tutorials to support clinicians in everyday's workflow.

MRI Education by resource

We’re constantly seeking for innovative educational resources in MRI to inspire a new breed of clinical perspectives on technologies, fostering ongoing learning, and supporting longlife professional development of physicians. Our MRI learning materials were born with the purpose to empower radiology professionals to enhance their professional growth and consistently improve patient care.

Webinars & Events

MRI webinars with insights in WB, MSK and Sport Medicine MRI from recognized KOLs. And more… meet our team at MRI main international heathcare events.

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Clinical Documentation

Free register and access the latest digital state-of-the-art documentation on advanced MRI technologies and methodologies, clinical topics, and insights.

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From the experts

Selection of clinical cases and insights in MRI diagnostics led by international renowned speakers and KOLs: a digital helping hand for your everyday clinical workflow.

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Tutorials & User Guides

From our collaboration with KOLs now available MRI tutorials and User Guides to enhance your educational standards and change your MRI user experience.

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