Magnetic resonance high-res clinical images

Esaote medical diagnostic MRI systems produce images. These high-res clinical images either provide physicians with imaging outcomes with a very high diagnostic added value, and enhance diagnosis accuracy and efficacy, thereby improving patients' care, condition and quality of life. Thanks to a combination of dedicated MSK sequences, advanced RF coils and patented computing technology, Esaote MRI systems deliver high quality images in line with today’s throughput constraints.
Esaote's strong commitment in introducing innovative features and sophisticated technologies in MRI diagnostic systems further than simply making what is essential visible to the eye, enhance diagnostic capabilities and patient’s care, contributing to build a healthier future for everyone.

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S-scan - Knee FSE T2 Axial
S-scan - Knee FSE T2 Axial
S-scan - Knee 3D SHARC Sagittal
S-scan - Knee 3D SHARC Sagittal
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