Esaote’s new S-scan Open redefines excellence in magnetic resonance imaging

Genoa, 25th October 2023 – Esaote, a leading Italian company in ultrasound, dedicated MRI and healthcare IT, presents S-scan Open, the new configuration of S-scan, one of its best-selling MRI systems

S-scan Open is the result of constant commitment to research and development and of carefully listening to market needs and user feedback from all over the world. Introducing an updated version of its best-selling MRI system is a new challenge for Esaote to provide even more advanced performance and to enhance the operator experience and patient comfort during diagnostic examinations.

“With S-scan Open, we have relied on Esaote's latest technology, in terms of the hardware and software platform. It has been specifically re-engineered to face the challenging requirements of musculoskeletal exams,” noted Massimo Olmi, Esaote MRI Marketing Director.

S-scan Open has been updated to comply with the latest regulatory standards, offering advanced performance with image optimization algorithms and optimized clinical protocols (for MRIs with the eXP package) that ensure excellent image quality and significantly reduced scan times.

S-scan Open also offers new solutions designed to optimize the workflow and focus attention on the operator, providing a unique experience. The new open knee coil, the result of Esaote’s latest MRI technological platform, guarantees an improved experience for both the operator and the patient. The user interface, updated to the latest Microsoft Office standards, is simple and immediate, further facilitating its use.

S-scan Open offers an open MRI system with state-of-the-art technology, to meet not only clinical needs but also operational, financial and environmental sustainability requirements, based on reduced energy consumption

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