Suitestensa RIS, enterprise imaging software
Enterprise Imaging

Suitestensa RIS

Radiology information system for hospital practice

SUITESTENSA RIS is the all-in-one solution for the management of all data, examinations and images generated as part of the hospital practice: the phases of booking, analysis, reporting and distribution of data to non-radiological departments and end users are all part of the SUITESTENSA workflow.

Main features

Perfect integration with hospital information systems

Natively designed according to HL7 and DICOM standards

Interactive structured reporting and structured representation of all clinical history data

Customizable and configurable workspaces, interfaces, parameters and layouts

Suitestensa RIS, enterprise imaging software, system interoperability

Supports system interoperability

Based on the latest Web technologies, SUITESTENSA RIS uses DICOM 3.0, HL7 and FDA-XML communication protocols to support system interoperability and avoid data duplication. SUITESTENSA RIS PACS implements the latest features on Structured Reporting, 3D and 4D post processing for CT/MRI/PET, including post processing data in the structured report.


All features

User interface color adaptable to ambient lighting

Clinical record containing previous examinations, always available during the reporting phase

Scanning module for paper documents, for complete digital archiving of the study

Printing of legal documents and related digitization (National Health System certifications, hand-signed information sheets, etc.)

Patient record and administrative management of hospital admission

Insertion of alarms when a condition occurs (e.g. heredity, surgical procedures, delays in reporting urgent examinations, divergent readings)

Inventory management

Follow-up module with automatic generation of patient recall lists and lists forwarding to modes

Remote and local digital signature

Voice reporting

Electronic reading of patients' health cards

Barcode reading

CD/DVD production, in compliance with the DICOM standard and the IHE-PDI integration profile

Structured database for cross- and multi-parametric researches: information can be preset and exported to customized layouts (integration with Microsoft Excel®)

Customizable Case Report Forms (CRF) for clinical studies: cases can be indexed, anonymized and exported to logical archives

Collected data are compatible with datasets of several national and international scientific associations.

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