Esaote introduces the versatile MyLab™ FOX veterinary ultrasound system

[Fishers, IN, USA] May 14, 2024 - Esaote North America Inc., a pioneer in diagnostic imaging solutions, is proud to announce the launch of the MyLab™FOX, the latest innovation in veterinary ultrasound technology. Inspired by the clever, fast, and intelligent nature of the fox, the MyLab™FOX is a multi-faceted and adaptable scanning solution that sets a new standard in veterinary ultrasound imaging.

For over 20 years, Esaote has partnered with veterinarians across the globe to develop systems to meet clinical demands and improve the day-to-day workflow, with a steadfast focus on animal care and productivity. The MyLab™FOX is an extension of our continuous legacy to promote excellence in veterinary imaging.

Product Highlights:

  • Cleanable interface. The MyLab™FOX boasts a cutting-edge touch interface, which is believed to set it apart significantly. This feature enhances usability through intuitive gesture interaction and facilitates easy cleanability, particularly beneficial in the veterinary environment.
  • Precision in every pulse. The MyLab™FOX comes equipped with a new generation of probes covering a wide range of clinical applications, from abdominal exploration to cardiology examinations, delivering exceptional image quality and diagnostic accuracy.
  • Adaptable by design.  Featuring a wide 13” touchscreen, customizable probe setup, and battery support for uninterrupted scanning, the MyLab™FOX is designed for maximum efficiency and is easy to use.
  • Boosted workflow. With exclusive optimization tools such as Easy Mode & Easy Color and AI-powered Augmented Insight™, the MyLab™FOX enhances productivity and diagnostic efficiency. Advanced features like AutoEF and XStrain™ technology streamline the examination process, providing quick and accurate results.
  • Connected anywhere, anytime. The MyLab™FOX is part of a larger digital ecosystem, allowing for seamless data management and connectivity. Whether you are reviewing exams offline with MyLab™Desk VET or collaborating with experts in real-time using MyLab™Share, MyLab™FOX ensures connectivity wherever you are.

Esaote is committed to customer care and veterinary imaging, offering comprehensive training and education programs to support veterinarians in their diagnostic journey. From live webinars to in-person events, Esaote continues to redefine the next evolution in veterinary ultrasound imaging.
For more information about the MyLab™FOX and Esaote's veterinary imaging solutions, visit

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