Environmental friendliness

We are well aware of the fact that protecting the environment is of paramount importance nowadays, and that what we do can make a difference. We strictly comply with industry regulations and every phase of our activities is geared towards reducing our environmental impact while respecting our premises and ensuring people’s health.

In designing our systems, we always strive to balance quality performance with the lowest possible energy and material consumption: this is both an ethical goal and an innovation challenge. Our systems, facilities and means of transport are highly energy efficient with low consumption.

Esaote, Environmental friendliness

Hybrid work: more trust, lower impact

We have created a hybrid space that combines remote work and on-site work. In this way, we promote a work culture based on accountability, independence and trust, but we also help reduce our consumption and emissions.

An open dialogue with everyone

We want to make sure that each and every one of us is increasingly aware of what we can do to protect the environment. For this reason, our environmental policy involves engaging in dialogue and getting our community involved, as well as providing information and training for those who work with us.

Our environmental projects

In pursuing our sustainability goals, we also implement several circular economy projects and projects aimed at reducing our environmental impact.


  • Renaissance: reconditioning used systems to reduce the amount of equipment being disposed of and raw materials being extracted in order to produce new machinery.

  • Plastic free: reusable water bottles and ceramic cups. Innovative dispensers for our facilities in Genoa and Milan.

  • Waste reduction and recycling: separate waste collection at our facilities in Italy.

  • Car policy: electric or hybrid company cars.

  • Paperless: all documents are digitally converted.

  • Energy efficiency project: rebalancing the allocation of electricity contracts at all our facilities.

Esaote UK Carbon Reduction Plan

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