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Social Innovation

We design devices that can translate the complex, intimate language of the body into clear and precise information. We are part of what has become known as the social economy, and each of our innovations in terms of hardware, firmware and software has a very concrete impact on the quality of individual and collective health.

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Our work is one of synthesis: in order to create products that best fulfill their purposes, we must observe and listen carefully, defining priorities among the wide range of input we receive. Just like doctors, who are called upon to interpret a stream of data from a range of sources.

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Our research connects a range of disciplines: physics, physiology, medicine, engineering and chemistry, computer science, mathematics. In addition, the consideration that must be made of the accessibility of the technologies our work results in, which must be capable of reaching everyone, everywhere.

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Design is a culture, a bridge between the imagination of the future and the relationship with the present. For Esaote, attention to design acts as a channel to make our relationship with health a comfortable and accessible experience.

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