Our Mission. Complexity is simple

We want to bring our unique vision and values to the whole world by combining cutting-edge software with ultrasound and MRI systems in order to maximize image quality and equip healthcare professionals with the best tools, so that they can choose the best possible treatment options.

Esaote, Franco Fontana and Eugenio Biglieri

Our vision. More in less

We envision a future in which extremely precise diagnosis and treatments will be made possible by using our small yet powerful devices, which are the first choice for assisting patients with care.

Our values

When it comes to our mission and vision, we have set ourselves goals by merging five values, namely, five tried and tested pillars that make it easier for anyone dealing with Esaote to establish a transparent relationship with the company, giving shared results new impetus and a solid foundation.


  • Teamwork
    A constant focus on others and a disciplined approach to training and learning is what enables us to combine individual resourcefulness and respect for the group as we work towards our goals, setting up multidisciplinary and multicultural teams that incorporate several points of view.

  • Commitment
    The relationships forged between individuals and the company are key to achieving long-term goals and to developing sustainable strategies for both the company and society. The bonds formed and the sense of involvement in each project, which are driven by shared values, ensure stability and consistency in our activities, leading to positive interactions and upholding the brand’s reputation.

  • Integrity
    The ability to ensure consistency of thought and action should not stand in the way of providing flexible responses, but should enable interlocutors to be clear in their intentions. While rules and codes help us set up boundaries for coexistence, an essential element is also respecting, both individually and collectively, the environment in which we operate.

  • Results
    In order to develop tangible solutions for the biomedical industry, it is necessary to achieve precise and measurable results throughout the value chain.
    By focusing on priorities and being consistent when it comes to achieving each goal, we are able to translate strategies into products and services that make diagnosis easier for the healthcare sector.

  • Customer focus
    At Esaote, our eyes are always set on ensuring quality of life and work for customers.  Anyone who chooses Esaote should continue to do so while seeking out cutting-edge technological innovations that allow them to improve their performance. It is by supporting our customers and listening to their needs that we are able to continuously explore new directions in the field of diagnostics.

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