Imaging Solutions for Interventional Radiology

Diagnostic and healthcare IT imaging solutions for interventional radiology procedures allows professionals to make clinical workflow easier and improve their ability to offer patients better and safer curative treatments.


Interventional radiology is rapidly progressing, driven by demographic shift and the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases. As a minimally invasive procedure, it relies heavily on indirect information: live-streamed acquisition images supported with additional images and patient data.


experience significant relief from heavy bleeding after embolization


are performed annually in U.S.A.

thanks to minimally invasive techniques

patients are usually discharged from the hospital on the same day

Interventional radiology is precision work. But radiologists are blind if they don’t have a variety of image and information sources to help them make decisions and guide them through the procedure.

Esaote improves doctors' work thanks to solutions such as the dedicated interventional radiology management system to follow the entire procedures workflow which lets the physician to follow all the IR procedures from vascular to endovascular integrated with the warehouse management system.

Artificial intelligence allows the use of advanced features in a simple way.
Other important solutions offered by Esaote in interventional radiology are the dedicated software to carry out planning for endoprosthesis (which let to simulate starting from CT images the implantation with all the measurements requested by prosthesis company), the multimodality imaging approach (to get the best of each modality), the possibility of saving measurements taken and the use of MRI G-scan Brio for weight bearing MRI & Qspine.

Esaote solutions for Interventional


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