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Discover our diagnostic radiology imaging solutions: from detection to therapy to make your exam easier and to improve clinical decisions, imaging operations and radiology workflow management efficiency.


Radiology has a rich history in innovation, which continues today with artificial intelligence solutions. These applications promise to transform the way radiologists work in the future by triaging images to help manage ever growing workloads.

3.6 billion diagnostic examinations

are performed each year globally

350 million examinations

are performed on paediatric patients

less than 6 weeks

of waiting for a diagnostic examination

Innovation may help to satisfy key patient needs regarding radiology, such as the desire to be reassured and informed quickly and clearly about their exams, the accessibility of MRI in rural areas and the need to overcome problems of claustrophobia.
Doctors, for their part, feel the need to conduct their activities efficiently, reducing time, space and energy consumption while maintaining high levels of safety and accuracy.

Safer low-field scanners, a radiological information system that improves workflow and waiting time, a dedicated PACS for teaching files that supports research in a structured way, a portal to distribute reports and images to patients and professionals that allows to download reports, view images and share documentation with other specialized doctors are some of the resources offered by Esaote to improve the work of radiologists.

Thanks also to small and low energy consumption installations, the possibilities of performing MRI in rural places or underdeveloped countries increase. Then there are various applications of artificial intelligence, such as the work list that defines the priority of patients based on AI, the inclusion of AI images in the structured report (which improve the accuracy of the diagnosis and prevent errors), dedicated image processing tools based on segmentation and artificial intelligence that allow you to process images to be rendered in MPR, MIP and VR and more dedicated tools, and business intelligence tools through clinical and management databases.

Radiology solutions

Liver Care

Ultrasound is particularly useful for differentiating solid masses from fluid-filled ones, and can also evaluate diffuse liver diseases.

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We have made significant strides in breast ultrasound imaging, a critical aspect of women's healthcare.

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Musculoskeletal MRI

Open low-field MRI technology completely revolutionized musculoskeletal examinations by offering precise imaging and comfortable patient experience.

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Musculoskeletal US

Ultrasound is most commonly used in the assessment of soft tissue disease, for the detection of fluid collection, and also to visualize cartilage and bone surfaces.

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Neuroimaging MRI provides useful clinical information on a variety of conditions related to the brain and the neurologic system, and trauma can be evaluated effectively.

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Weight-bearing MRI can be a useful tool to reproduce and study joints in orthostatic position and find underlying pathologies that are difficult to assess with supine MRI.

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Sport Medicine MRI

MRI has been recognized as the gold standard for precise diagnosis and prognosis of athletic injuries, facilitating effective treatment and recovery time.

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Rheumatology MRI

The detailed visualization capabilities of MRI provide a comprehensive view of joints, tendons, ligaments, and soft tissues.

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Prof. Luigi Solbiati, Professor of Radiology Humanitas Research Institute - Milan (Italy)

Radiology educational videos

The field of radiology is constantly evolving, with new technologies, techniques, and discoveries shaping the way we diagnose and treat patients. It is essential for healthcare providers and radiologists to stay updated with the latest advancements, while also drawing inspiration from the experiences of others. Our testimonial videos aim to bridge this gap, offering a unique opportunity to learn from some of the most respected leaders in the field.

Esaote solutions for Radiology


Our ultrasound systems cover multiple clinical applications, supporting medical science, contributing to a better future for everyone.

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Magnetic Resonance

We work every day to provide the most advanced MRI systems, technologies, and solutions for you to excel in patient care.

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Healthcare IT

Our Healthcare IT solutions for the workflow management of the Radiology diagnostic process in the widest enterprise IT networks are designed to improve sensitivity in diagnosis. 

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