Rheumatology MRI

Rheumatologic diseases have a significant impact on individuals, communities and society. These conditions, which affect the musculoskeletal system and often involve the immune system, can result in a range of physical, emotional and economic consequences1.

The detailed visualization capabilities of rheumatology MRI provide a comprehensive view of joints, tendons, ligaments, and soft tissues, often identifying subtle changes in soft tissues and joints - like rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis – before symptoms manifest. This is why Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) can represent an effective diagnostic imaging solution for rheumatology4.

Rheumatology MRI

Chronic pain, fatigue and physical limitations associated with rheumatologic diseases can significantly affect an individual's quality of life as living with a rheumatologic disease can lead to emotional and psychological challenges considering that such diseases can result in long-term disability and impairment. Furthermore, it should also be considered that Rheumatologic diseases can lead to increased healthcare costs and productivity losses2,3.


Dynamic MRI analysis – rheumatology

Thanks to its experience in Musculoskeletal MRI, Esaote has a wide range of sequences and methodologies to assess rheumatologic disease. In addition, the multichannel coils dedicated to each specific anatomy offer high sensitivity. Nonetheless, beyond diagnosis, MRI serves as a dynamic tool for monitoring disease progression, enabling healthcare professionals to tailor treatment plans and assess the efficacy of interventions. Its ability to differentiate between active inflammation and chronic changes guides targeted therapies, enhancing patient outcomes. Moreover, MRI's role extends to providing guidance for procedures and offering a means to evaluate responses to treatment.

Dynamic MRI analysis – rheumatology

The Esaote dedicated MRI systems already offer the additional benefit of being patient-friendly, easy to install and compatible with today’s economical constraints. The Company has gone even further by introducing the MRI Dynamic Analysis Package.

The Dynamic MRI Analysis Package available for all Esaote MRI systems ensures efficiency when it comes to the timely diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic disease and confirms Esaote’s commitment to patient care. It is a more comprehensive image analysis toolkit ideal also for rheumatologists as it comes with a pool of sensitive wrist sequences for acquiring high-resolution image sequences for better contrast of bone edema. In addition, the kit includes a contrast uptake analysis tool for disease activity evaluation and therapy follow-up and a wrist positioner for exam repetitions.

Image analysis tool for contrast uptake measurements

What it does:

  • Uses 2 dynamic sequences (SE and GE).
  • Takes images every few seconds at chosen intervals > Image co-registration algorithm for best alignment of images. 
  • Allows the user to define the place for measurements, region of interest (ROI) size and position creating a graph of the contrast uptake in the ROI over time. 
  • Documentation: exports the graph, related images RE and EER - Images in standard DICOM and jpeg (for Windows compatibility) - Graph in bitmap (filename.bmp) and .csv format.
  • Saves images and graphs in the patient database for follow-up, for example when confronting pre- and post-treatment situations.
Image analysis tool for contrast uptake measurements


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