Acquisition Methods

Acquisition methods, we aim to optimize your workflow and increase your efficiency without compromising image quality. Discover our acquisition methods such as SpeedUp, and TR Reduction and Elliptical K Space.

SpeedUp, 45% Faster


The Esaote Compressed Sensing reconstruction.

  • Is the accelerating MR data acquisition developed by Esaote, based on semi-random, incomplete sampling of k-space.
  • Esaote patented technology developed by our R&D department.
  • Available on Esaote MRI since 2015. First manufacturer to introduce it to the market.
  • Magnify your possibilities with SpeedUp

  • Enhance Diagnostic
  • Improve Patient Experience
  • Increase Productivity

Esaote patented technology: what does it mean?

We were the first company to introduce this technology!

K Space, SpeedUp 3 times faster

SpeedUp: How does it work and what does it do?

  • Faster exams:
    SpeedUp allows sensible reduction of the scan time through a in-choerent sparse sampling of the K Space.

  • Reduces artifacts and noise:
    SpeedUp technique through an iterative nonlinear regression algorithm permits to reduce image artifacts and background noise improving overall image quality.


TR Reduction

TR Reduction

TR reduction is an Esaote patented acquisition methods based on FSE sequences. TR reduction technology manages the Echo Train Length with a tailored algorithm for data acquisition and reconstruction of the K Space resulting in:

  • Reduction of scan time up to 30% (depending on TE, ETL and ESP).
  • Reduced image blurring due the shorter Echo Train Length.
  • Adaptive and intelligent technology to improve the choice of the optimal parameters.
  • Compatible with other imaging sequences like SpeedUp and MAR sequence.
Elliptical K Space

Elliptical K Space

Special K Space filling based on the acquisition only of the encodings in the 2D-3D plane belonging to the ellipse inscribed into the rectangle related to the standard K Space.
Simply said, the corners of the K Space attribute little to the overall image quality so “cutting corners” will reduce the data to be acquired (faster) without compromising quality.

Main characteristics:

  • Reduced scan time due the smaller K Space dataset acquisition.
  • Available with both 2D and 3D acquisitions.
  • Compatible with SpeedUp technique. 
  • Can be manually enabled and disabled depending on the user preference.
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