Rheumatology MRI

Our selection of comprehensive Rheumatology MRI Educational resources entails a dedicated series of MRI Webinars, state-of-the-art documentation about diagnostic imaging in Rheumatology with deepenings of clinical and scientific topics and advanced technologies and engaging video tutorials to support clinicians in everyday's workflow.
Learning resources are the outcomes of continuous collaboration with an international network of KOLs and experts in the field of Rheumatology MRI: all available for free, to deepen your knowledge about rheumatology diagnostic imaging, technologies and methodologies improving theoretical background together with practical skills to perform MRI examination of the musculoskeletal system.
MRI rheumatology practice leads to several issues related to training and competence, emphasizing the needs to improve physicians’ knowledge and expertise in this evolving field. Main focus of our educational resources about the application of magnetic resonance in rheumatology is to improve practical competences in performing MRI scanning, with significant enhancements in diagnostics and in the experience of patients.

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