Quality of life in the broadest sense

Every society has its own way of protecting the health of its community and supporting longevity and quality of life. Modern society has relied in particular on biomedicine and technological innovations to make a healthy lifestyle accessible, leading to a stronger social fabric. The diagnostic tools we produce are our main contribution to social well-being, but we also pay attention to our role in the quality of the working experience.

Esaote, Quality of life in the broadest sense
Esaote, Extended responsibility

Extended responsibility

The commitment made by joining the Global Compact requires monitoring of the entire value chain, with a responsibility to promote human rights that extends to all areas where we can exert influence to promote such rights and prevent abuses.

Esaote, Training in health and safety

Goals for physical and psychological well-being

Our worker well-being programs include actions aimed to prevent diseases, reduce work-related stress, encourage a proper work-life balance, and improve workplaces and management culture.
Safety, inclusion, work-life balance and a positive corporate climate are some of the aspects on which we focus our attention, convinced that work not only concerns the economic sphere but is a factor in social promotion and improvement of quality of life.

Esaote, Pathways to equality and inclusion

Pathways to equality and inclusion

Esaote has embarked on a challenging path to formalize and develop actions to protect equal treatment, and respect for diversity and inclusion. In addition to Uni PDR 125 2022 certification on gender equality, one of our priority objectives is ISO 30415:2021 certification for Human Resources Management – Diversity and Inclusion.

Esaote, Training in health and safety

Training in health and safety

Training is one of the tools we use to focus on our people.
All our employees are expected to attend courses on health and safety in the workplace.
The training and refresher program offers a variety of courses in the area of prevention and health, especially on topics such as work-life balance, ergonomics in the workplace, time management, and management of ongoing activities.

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