Design as attentiveness to relationships

Design is a culture, a bridge between the imagination of the future and the relationship with the present. For Esaote, attention to design acts as a channel to make our relationship with health a comfortable and accessible experience. Design that respects the gestures and emotions of those who come into contact with a machine, differing physical characteristics among patients, and the needs of each operator in a specific environment is the driver to improve efficiency and reliability in diagnosis.

Esaote, Design as attentiveness to relationships

An integrated, user-centered approach

Quality, responsibility and sustainability can only go hand in hand, beginning from the joint study of the item's lines, the use of materials, and the functions of dialog with its users. The design process starts with the right questions: who will its users be, how will it interface with other devices, how much energy and resources will its production consume. But also, how long will it last, whether it will be easy to maintain and, crucially, whether it will be safe.

Form in substance

All these responses result in the creation of an aesthetically pleasing object, because elegance is the consequence of a sum of efficient responses, which lead to an essential form, intuitive in its use and reassuring for those who undergo a diagnosis.
The concept of design now integrates the digital raw material, increasingly represented  by artificial intelligence, a field to be managed with a great deal of vision and care.

Worlds in conversation

Design is now also the main institutional bridge between Italy and other countries, an open channel to transmit the synthesis of innovation and beauty recognized as the heritage of Made in Italy.

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