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Integrated orthopedic imaging solutions with a great added value for professionals’ daily activity and patients’ care. Innovative imaging solutions as the outcome of a combination of software with latest technology and contents. Outcomes that means a better quality of life.


The application of implants in orthopedic surgery has significantly improved the living conditions of the many people who suffer – due to injuries, age, repetitive movements or genetic factors – from orthopedic problems. The most frequent critical issues are knee and hip replacement.


between 2009 and 2019


between 2009 and 2019

1.5 million joint arthroplasties

are performed in Europe every year

The aging population will increase the need for orthopedic implants and more severely test their efficiency due to the medical complexity of elderly patients and longer dwell times of implanted materials. Additionally, increasing life expectancy inevitably increases the chances of osteoporosis, which puts older adults at even greater risk of orthopedic surgery. Doctors need precise tools to make delicate decisions regarding surgical interventions and prosthetics, also considering that supine positioning does not reflect the real anatomical position and that static images do not provide sufficient information.

Open Scan MRI makes the experience more comfortable for the patient, eliminating claustrophobic problems. Similar advantages also come from the imaging solution for pre- and post-operative monitoring in non-invasive mode. Furthermore, patients with metal prostheses and pacemakers can safely undergo an MRI with a low-field scanner.

Esaote solutions then improve the work of orthopedic doctors, thanks to the high quality of the images, the possibility of orthostatic positioning to see real anatomical changes, the multimodal approach (US + MRI Imaging combined) to obtain the best of both modalities, to mobile ultrasound solutions in the operating room and to the use of low-field MRI that reduces metal artifacts and offers tailor-made sequences.

Special features and tailored sequences wisely guide the evaluation to specific clinical questions, allowing clinicians to customize imaging protocols for precise evaluation. The review of the Suitestensa software with the Orthoview planning solution allows the radiologist and orthopedist to plan the implantation of hip, shoulder and knee prostheses starting from XR images and using the manufacturer's model.

Thanks to Esaote, orthopedic doctors can visualize the joint in motion in real time, use dedicated image processing tools based on segmentation and artificial intelligence that allow processing images to render in MPR, MIP and VR and more dedicated tools.

Orthopedic solutions

Musculoskeletal US

Ultrasound is most commonly used in the assessment of soft tissue disease, for the detection of fluid collection, and also to visualize cartilage and bone surfaces.

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Musculoskeletal MRI

Open low-field MRI technology completely revolutionized musculoskeletal examinations by offering precise imaging and comfortable patient experience.

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Weight-bearing MRI can be a useful tool to reproduce and study joints in orthostatic position and find underlying pathologies that are difficult to assess with supine MRI. 

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Sport Medicine MRI

MRI has been recognized as the gold standard for precise diagnosis and prognosis of athletic injuries, facilitating effective treatment and recovery time.

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Dr. Luca Bartalini, Radiographer specialist MRI consultant

Orthopedy educational videos

By watching these educational videos, you will gain access to a wealth of expertise and cutting-edge practices from the most respected voices in orthopedics. Our Opinion Leaders share their insights and discuss the latest advancements, techniques, and trends in the field, empowering you with the information required to enhance your patient care and professional growth.

Esaote solutions for Orthopedy


Our ultrasound systems cover multiple clinical applications, supporting medical science, contributing to a better future for everyone.

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Magnetic Resonance

We work every day to provide the most advanced MRI systems, technologies, and solutions for you to excel in patient care.

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Healthcare IT

Our Healthcare IT solutions for the workflow management of the diagnostic process in the widest enterprise IT networks are designed to improve sensitivity in diagnosis.

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