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Suitestensa VNA

SUITESTENSA VNA is the SUITESTENSA module intended for the management of clinical data and images at Enterprise level. It represents the point of collection, search and distribution of all patient-related information from interconnected companies and, within them, from all connected departments.

Main features

Patient-centric approach

Information Life Cycle Management functions

Full adherence to standards (DICOM, HL7, IHE, XDS)

Scalability and expandability

Suitestensa VNA enterprise imaging software, overview

Patient-centric perspective

SUITESTENSA VNA is in fact designed as a multidisciplinary archive for all specialties that produce images and clinical data, both in DICOM and non-DICOM format, even outside radiology (cardiology, radiotherapy, ophthalmology, endoscopy, gynecology...), ensuring a patient-centric perspective in data archiving and distribution. SUITESTENSA VNA is designed both for company use, as a collection center for all clinical data produced by the various departments, and for supra-company use, for example in projects of interconnection of large areas and companies at regional or supra-regional level.


All features

Standard communication interfaces to query, store and retrieve images and related information, shared at multi-departmental, cross-company, regional level, ensuring privacy and security

Integrability with different company information systems in standard and non-standard mode;

Open architecture with the possibility of archiving data from the most heterogeneous data sources

Web-based administration and configuration interface dedicated to the system administrator

Access to all bio-images and data (DICOM and non-DICOM)

Customer service

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