Imaging the future, every day. Forty years of innovation in healthcare.

Esaote celebrated 40 years in business with an international event, held on Tuesday, April 12th, 2022. A story of growth and success made possible by the ingenuity and work of numerous people, who have believed in the challenge and in the collaboration developed from the outset with the medical and scientific world, research centers, universities, and institutions.

Esaote, Forty years of innovation in healthcare.

Three days of celebrations, from April 12th to 14th, 2022, in Genoa with over 750 honored guests coming from 100 countries of the world – employees, technological and commercial partners, doctors, opinion leaders and institutions – to retrace Esaote’s history with a clear eye on the future and the upcoming challenges that await.

The packed schedule began on Tuesday, April 12th, 2022 in the magnificent setting of the Teatro Carlo Felice, with the institutional event "Imaging the Future, Every Day. Forty years of innovation in healthcare since 1982”. The show was filled with evocative, artistic and institutional moments and testimonials, looking at the three values that have always formed the basis of Esaote’s history and success: people, technology, and innovation.

Esaote, Backstage at the 40th Anniversary Event

Backstage at the 40th Anniversary Event

How can we describe the incredible show to celebrate the four decades of innovation at Esaote? A surprising journey combining technology and beauty, through artistic performances, cutting-edge video, major guests and authentic testimonials from the figures who made this great collective story possible.
Watch the video for the highlights of this exclusive opportunity to meet and share!

Esaote, The voices of Esaote’s founders

The voices of Esaote’s founders

Esaote has a singular story, which began in the late 1970s when Prof. Carlo Castellano had the idea of promoting a new Genoa-based project in the biomedical electronics sector for Ansaldo (a state-owned company, part of the IRI Finmeccanica Group). At that time, the field of non-invasive medical diagnostics remained completely uncharted territory in Italy and the market was the preserve of major multinationals.

Watch the video to hear the founders explain how the Esaote story evolved.

Esaote, Complexity is simple

Complexity is simple

For its 40th anniversary, Esaote has chosen to share its Mission, "Complexity is Simple", with a small editorial project dedicated to its stakeholders. A book consisting of interviews and thoughts on complexity, in which 6 Esaote managers and 6 internationally renowned and skilled opinion leaders – with great knowledge of languages and a clear perception of the clinical, photographic, and artistic sphere – encourage readers to interpret and grasp its ultimate intention, and to share their own idea of “complexity”

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