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At Esaote, we know we have a huge responsibility, which is to improve quality of life through increasingly innovative diagnostics imaging that is also comfortable for patients. Simplifying complexities is our mission, which guides us in achieving this goal.


Innovation is the way

Innovation is all about striving for simplicity. As part of our research, we bring together various disciplines so that we can create accessible technologies that also offer comfort. We bridge the gap between scientific insights and people’s needs.

Esaote, innovation is the way

People count. We count on people

What we do has a strong impact on the quality of people's lives. To translate the language of the body into clear and precise information, and to ensure a serene diagnostic experience, we draw on the precious heritage of empathy and ideas from those who work with us.

Esaote, Quality, safety and design

Quality, safety and design: a commitment we stand by

Design is project culture, a bridge between imagining the future and dealing with the present. We find that the best answers to the right questions lie in the combination of innovation and beauty.

Quality of life in the broadest sense

We believe that promoting an inclusive work experience that focuses on people’s growth and well-being is the way to go when it comes to pursuing quality. For us, environmental protection is not only an ethical goal but also an innovation challenge.

Listening is our inspiration

The best way to get to know each other is to listen to everyone who, in different capacities, is involved in our activities. Each point of view leads to other points of view: this is our changing picture.

Esaote, working together

Working together

We seek attentive people who are actually able to listen and are open to finding original solutions in complicated situations. We offer a stimulating environment in which emphasis is placed on innovation and human relations.

Getting to know each other better

Updates from the world of Esaote

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Pooling information and insights to talk about our identity, showcase our achievements, and share our views on topics such as well-being and innovation. We use technology and explore ideas in order to translate everyday constraints into new horizons.

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