From the expert: Ultrasound KOLs and Testimonials

Periodic review of clinical cases and scientific advancements in ultrasonography from our worldwide network of Key Opinion Leaders and testimonials for supporting everyday clinical needs to improve diagnostic accuracy and patient's well-being.
Thanks to the expertise of our international community of experts, with a desire to share this knowledge, our digital archive of clinical talks offers innovative digital tools to experience increasingly cutting-edge valuable educational contents.

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Fusion Imaging in Neurosurgery - Francesco Prada, MD

Virtual Navigation: Prostate, Lung and Neck - Giancarlo Bizzarri, MD

Where will Fusion Imaging and Navigation be in 3 years - Prof. Luigi Solbiati

BreastNav™ MRI Technologies

MyLab™9 Platform, Uncompromised Ease-of-Use

Value of AI in Breast Imaging

MyLab™9 Platform, Performance without Compromise

MyLab™9 Platform, Beyond Performance and Value

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