Esaote S.p.A. and Ebit s.r.l. have obtained the Gender Equality Certification

The two companies successfully completed the certification process and are now UNI/PdR 125:2022 certified. A major milestone that demonstrates Esaote’s commitment to ESG and sustainability issues.

Genova, December 14, 2023 - Esaote S.p.A. and EBIT s.r.l. – a company of the Esaote Group, a leading player in the medical solutions sector, with a particular focus on ultrasound, dedicated magnetic resonance, and healthcare IT – have obtained the UNI/PdR 125:2022 Gender Equality Certification. The two companies have successfully completed the analysis and compliance process, which proves that they have long been committed and have made efforts to create a working environment that ensures transparency, well-being, a healthy work-life balance, gender equality, and inclusion for its employees.

It is a major achievement, which is part of the sustainability journey that began in 2021 by signing up to the United Nations Global Compact and implementing a transformative innovation strategy, the aim of which is to make an effective contribution that is measurable using ESG metrics in key areas, which naturally include enhancing human capital, ensuring occupational health and safety, improving people’s well-being, inclusion, and promoting a culture of sustainability.

The process through which the Group was able to obtain the Gender Equality Certification provided an opportunity for the Group to further enhance the Group’s People Strategy processes and policies, whereby the long-term goal is to continually improve and ensure inclusion and well-being.

In fact, alongside a number of measures that have been in place for several years now, such as corporate welfare, remote work, contributions for parents and for supporting work-life balance, and flexible working hours, new measures have recently been introduced, such as the Parental Policy, aimed at promoting parenting while valuing professional skills.

Gender equality governance was entrusted to the Sustainability Committee, which was formed in early 2023 and is now tackling broader ESG issues. Chief Human Resources Officer Gianluca Dardato was appointed Head of Gender Equality Policy.

“First and foremost, we are very proud to have obtained this certification, which shows just how much the company cares, and has always cared, about its people. It also marks the beginning of a new growth journey for our corporate structure, as was already the case in the lead-up to this milestone, especially since today, finally, more women are employed in this sector than in the past,” said Gianluca Dardato, Chief Human Resources Officer at Esaote.

In addition, as a group, Esaote will also undertake the process of obtaining the D&I ISO 30415:2021 certification, which is internationally recognized, and will set up a Gender Equality Plan (GEP), aiming to analyze and improve procedures and practices for identifying gender bias in order to implement strategies for correcting any biases, as well as setting goals and monitoring progress through indicators under the supervision of the Sustainability Committee.

Therefore, the long-term ESG strategy adopted by the Esaote Group is still ongoing: it has already compiled a Sustainability Report, on a voluntary basis, and has provided training for its employees in order to establish a proper ethical culture. Its goals in the future will be to ensure that its suppliers and subsidiaries comply with social, economic, ethical and environmental standards, and to analyze and monitor the value chain of the supply chain. 

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