Esaote Milestone, The universe we carry inThe universe we carry inside of us

The universe we carry inside of us

The universe exists within us, and we exist within the universe.
For thousands of years mankind has been allured by this fascinating, elusive concept. Each and every technological invention has been an attempt to reconcile our inner desires with our outward experiences.

Technology has always been a product of ingenuity and curiosity. Although a great tool for exploring the unknown, it still has a long way to go. The human body exists within a universe whose fundamental laws are still largely a mystery, a subject ripe for research. With its laws, its order, its chaos, its mysteries, the body is a mirror of the universe.
Throughout history, doctors have always used the technologies at their disposal to read this universe – without ever forgetting the most important tool of all, one beyond the reach of any artificial intelligence even today: intuition.
Esaote’s purpose has always been to create instruments that help doctors read our physical universe more clearly – and, like any good doctor, it has sought to better itself over the thirty years or so of its existence.

Research and development, without limits

The importance Esaote places on discovery is evident from its various collaborations with scientific-medical and technological research centres, as well as space centres. Esaote is always present where it is needed, accompanying mankind into new, uncharted environments, following the rhythm of human curiosity. As mankind forges ahead, Esaote stands at the forefront, keeping up with the ever-increasing pace of human progress. Over the past year, Esaote’s ultrasound range has been completely updated, with mobility, lightness, precision and sustainability requirements in mind. Existing technologies are no longer enough to cope with the diversity of diagnostic specialisations and conditions of use that exist today. We must go further, all while taking concrete scientific knowledge as the solid foundation for our development.

Shining a light on the mysteries of the human organism

Life is movement, generated by the relationship between different parts of an organism – sometimes a clear-cut and logical relationship, sometimes less so. To explore life and its flow is a journey of discovery, a voyage between the points of a complex universe whose mechanisms range from the predictable to the totally enigmatic. Ultrasound and magnetic resonance research has always thrived to help the most enterprising doctors: the ones who are not satisfied with what they already see and know, who have the courage to immerse themselves in their intuitions.
Esaote’s purpose is to shine a light on the endless motion of life. The human universe is a series of points bound together by a web of chemistry and physics, a continuous cycle of creation and destruction. Every technological advancement is an attempt to bridge the gulf of existence – and every day, guided by skilled hands, we advance a little further.

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