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As an entity operating in the healthcare sector, we feel the need to contribute to the progress of society, which, for us, means ensuring a better quality of life through a more comfortable, empathetic, accessible and efficient healthcare. For both doctors and patients.

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Addressing clinical needs is becoming an increasingly crucial aspect of our commitment. That is why we are always listening. To help you make your clinical practice more efficient and comfortable. In any situation.

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Gender Equality Certification

Esaote S.p.A. and Ebit s.r.l. successfully completed the certification process and are now UNI/PdR 125:2022 certified. A major milestone that demonstrates Esaote’s commitment to ESG and sustainability issues.

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Dedicated because we are connected

It is only by observing other people that we are able to take care of them. With the same approach, Esaote’s research explores the workflow that engages every healthcare professional and envisions the healthcare and emotional needs of each patient to find the right solution in every situation: prevention, diagnosis, therapy and follow-up. Everything is synchronized, interconnected. Everything is done carefully.

No problem. We are here for you

Every day, we pay more and more attention to you and your professional needs, whether it be choosing products, providing technical support or delivering equipment performance or personal advice. Even for the ordinary problems of everyday life: we are always here. For real.

Esaote, Customer Care
Esaote, quality of life in the broadest sense

Quality of life in the broadest sense

We believe that promoting an inclusive work experience that focuses on people’s growth and well-being is the way to go when it comes to pursuing quality.

Esaote, people count. We count on people

People count. We count on people

Our idea of ​​care embraces everyone who works and collaborates with us;  it is the common thread that runs through our research and production processes.

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