Brant Bell, MSM, PA-C Founder/VP of Clinical Services, Sport Ortho Urgent

Magnifico™ Open at Sport Ortho Urgent Care

Brant Bell, MSM, PA-C Founder/VP of Clinical Services, Sport Ortho Urgent Care Sport Ortho Urgent Care is a Nashville-based multi-location provider of comprehensive orthopedic care, offering a wide array of services to treat everything from general musculoskeletal pain to complex fractures, spinal issues, sports, and work-related injuries.

Q. Why did you choose the Magnifico™ Open to add to your service offerings?

There are many options among MRIs out there to choose from. We chose the Magnifico™ Open from Esaote because it offered us the best choice for our clinic size. We are sitting in one of our physical therapy spaces here in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. We simply moved a few walls and made a few changes to our clinic layout, and the Magnifico™ Open fits perfectly. The small footprint allows us to get a great magnet that produces excellent images and offers our patients a streamlined continuity of care all in one place. And we didn’t have to go out and rent a whole new space to do so.

Q. What benefits will Magnifico™ Open bring to Sports Ortho Urgent Care?

The benefits of this unit are significant for our company. We have 14 locations that practice urgent care orthopedics and several feeder sites for this one where we can send many of our patients. The Magnifico™ Open allows us to get those patients in quickly in an open MRI setting. We all know that claustrophobia is a big issue with MRI scanning, and so to have an opportunity to have an open scanner in our network, we can control the patient experience from start to finish and get great reads on great images. The benefits are endless.

Q. What impact do you believe Magnifico™ Open will have on patient care?

One of the things we’re excited about with the Magnifico™ Open, we already have an extremity MRI scanner on-site, but there are limitations on that. The Magnifico™ Open, with its larger field of view and the open aspects of the scanner, allows us to capture many more images than the extremity MRI affords. Regarding the impact on our patients and their care, we’ll be able to scan a lot more patients and a lot more body parts; it just rounds out the care we’re able to provide for our patients.

Q. How will Magnifico™ Open set you apart from your competitors?

In the Nashville market, there’s a lot of competition, and people have a lot of choices for their orthopedic treatment and care. Sport Ortho Urgent Care is different because we have same-day appointments, 14 convenient locations in your neighborhood, and onsite physical therapy in most of our clinics, with more coming online soon. And now we’ve added our second MRI, which we’re super excited about. The Magnifico™ Open’s scanning capabilities allow us to ensure our patients have a wonderful experience from start to finish. We already know we have the friendliest staff in town, and now we add to it the capabilities the Magnifico™ Open provides. Bar none, it’s the best experience you can have in Middle Tennessee.

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